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About the Studbook


Our breeders and members have an overwhelming love for their Holsteiner horses, a breed which has been carefully guided and developed for the past 400 years into one of the world's best performance breeds.  Through documentation of pedigree, we maintain a comprehensive database of horses with Holsteiner blood that strives for accuracy, accessibility, efficiency, and security.  


In order to maintain the breed standard, the Holsteiner Verband routinely conducts breeding stock evaluations for studbook entry, to score offspring, provide branding services and administer educational opportunites at a variety of venues across the North American district.



Studbook Sections


Within the Studbooks are listed inspected and approved breeding stock whose offspring are potentially eligible for recording in the Registry Books. Horses may not enter the Studbook without completing the necessary requirements.


Mares enter one of three books, Stud book I (ZBI), Stud book II (ZBII), or the Holstein Global (ZB HG) depending on a number of factors including pedigree and eligibility.   


Mare Books are available to AHHA mares, Holsteiner Verband mares, Jockey Club mares, and warmblood mares from registries recognized by the Holsteiner Verband.

Primary Owner Responsibilities


In order to maintain a mare or stallion's yearly status within the studbook and ensure that the mare or stallion can produce offspring for the Registry, owners must ensure that they are current on their annual membership dues and that the mare and stallion's annual activation fees have been paid.


Stallion owners provide an annual report of mares bred to the office by October 31 and must provide breeding cards to mares.  



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