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Basic Foal Registration Requirements

Eligible foals are those which have been produced according to the current rules as set out the rulebooks of the Holsteiner Verband.  To begin the registration process of an eligible foal, the breeder must complete the foal registration application and submit it along with the required photos and fees to the North American Breeding District office.  All foals must be parent verified through DNA testing which involves a simple hair sample taken by the owner and submitted using a kit provided by the office.


Full Registration

A fully registerable foal is one which has both parents correctly entered and activated in the Holsteiner Verband studbooks in the year of breeding.  Fully registered foals are eligible for branding at an official approvals site during the annual approvals tour. 


Holstein Global

The Holsteiner Verband provides documentation of pedigree for certain foals which cannot otherwise qualify for full registration.  Holstein Global offers proof of age and the portion of pedigree which can be verified. 


Yearlings and Older Foals

The Holsteiner Verband can provide registration papers on yearlings and older offspring under the same requirements as foals.  However, fees for delayed registration may be higher. 

Frozen Semen and Embryo Transfer

Holsteiner Verband breeding rules allow for the use of frozen semen and embryo transfer to produce eligible foals.  


The registration of foals produced by frozen semen from approved but non-activated stallions will incur an additional fee.


In the case of embryo transfer, the donor mare must be entered into the studbooks for identification and also be activated for breeding.  



Foals that hold full registration papers are able to receive the registry brand.  Branding occurs at official approval sites in the fall of each year.  Foals may be branded without inspection.  Private brandings can be arranged for breeders who cannot attend an inspection.  Contact the office for more information. 


Naming Rules

Male offspring must be registered with names which start with the first letter of the sires name, i.e. with a "C" for male offspring of Cassini I.  Female offspring must be registered with names which coincides with the year of birth according to the naming schedule designated by the Holsteiner Verband.  For foals born in 2024, female offspring have names which start with an "S".  For 2025, the first letter will be "T".


The USEF and the AHHA

Upon registration with the AHHA, your foal will receive a USEF life number for no additional fee.  

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