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If you want to breed your 3-year-old or older mare, she must be registered in the Holsteiner Verband stud book.

Basic Mare Book Requirements

All mares must stand at least 15.2 hands, be at least three years of age, and hold full registration papers issued by a Holsteiner Verband recognized studbook.


At the inspections, the mares are presented in-hand and at liberty and receive marks for type, topline, front legs, hind legs, walk, trot, and canter.  Depending on the received marks, mares also meeting the criteria in terms of bloodline may attain a special designation of premium.  


All mares who successfully enter the AHHA studbooks may produce a foal eligible for either full registration or certificate of pedigree if all other studbook breeding rules are followed.


Mare Performance Testing

Mares may undergo performance testing where their basic gaits, rideability and free jumping are judged during a one-day field test or on station. When tested on station, the mares’ performance attitude will be judged, as well. Successful mare performance testing is one the requirements for the awarding of the title “state premium mare”.

Eligible Non-Holsteiner Mares

The Holsteiner Verband welcomes entry of non-Holsteiner mares (including Thoroughbreds) into the book that meet the requirements set forth in the rules.  All non-Holsteiner mares must be presented at an approvals site. Thoroughbred mares (with Jockey Club papers) can be registered with the mare book I.  It is not allowed to breed these mares with an Anglo Arab or an English Thoroughbred stallion. 



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