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The Holsteiner Verband is eager to recognize the accomplishments of your Holsteiner horses in all areas sport: Jumping, Dressage, Hunters, Eventing, Breeding, and Driving.  We have added a unique category of Verband membership, called Competing Memberships, for the North American District for those who are joining for the purposes of sport recognition only, and, just as in prior years, you will join annually and also activate your Holsteiner horse in sport annually using our enrollment form. Once you complete the enrollment and pay your membership and activation fee, your horse will be eligible for year-end awards and certificates.  Note that if you are already a member of the Holsteiner Verband in any other membership level, you do not need to pay the Competing Membership fee, but do have to enroll your horses in the program.  



We have also contracted with USDF to continue our support of the annual USDF All Breeds program in 2024.  If your Holsteiner horse is not yet declared for the USDF All-Breeds awards with the Holsteiner Verband – North American Breeding District, please contact the USDF to complete this important step. If you are unsure of your horse's status, this information may be verified on your horse’s summary page of

In order for a registered Holsteiner horse to eligible for the USDF All-Breeds Awards with the Holsteiner Verband – North American Breeding District, 1) the owner must be at minimum a  Competing Member of the Holsteiner Verband and be activated for the current competition year, 2) the horse must be a registered Holsteiner (possessing either AHHA or Holsteiner Verband registration papers), and 3) must be declared with USDF for the USDF All-Breeds Awards Program with the Holsteiner Verband -North American Breeding District.

To learn more about our awards or to ask questions, please contact Kerstin Laudemann, North American Awards Program administrator, at

Performance Awards

Horse Of The Year Awards

USDF All Breeds Awards

We are proud to partner with the USDF to honor our Holsteiners in Dressage.


In order to qualify, the owner and horse must fulfill all USDF requirements, plus the following: 


      -Owner must be a current Holsteiner Verband member at least at the Competing MEmber level.

      -Horse must be activated annually with the Holsteiner Verband Awards program.  


If you have not declared your horse's breed with the USDF, please contact them as soon as possible in order to participate in this program.  We strive to recognize our Holsteiners in dressage!

US Dressage Finals Breed Awards

The AHHA is proud to participate in the US Dressage Finals High Score Breed Awards.  The high score breed awards are a valuable opportunity for additional recognition available at the annual US Dressage Finals.


There are four awards offered, two high-score awards for adult amateur riders, one for the national levels (Training through Fourth Levels combined) and one for the FEI Levels (Prix St. Georges through Grand Prix combined). There will also be two high-score awards for open riders, one for the national levels and one for the FEI Levels, as described above.  

We love to honor our competitive Holsteiners, giving awards in over 40 different divisions within these varied equine discipines: dressage, jumpers, driving, eventing, hunters, and more.  


All horses holding registrations or certificates of pedigree from the AHHA, Holsteiner Verband papers, are eligible to enter the program.   


Annual horse enrollment in the program is required, along with a nominal fee, and owners must join the Holsteiner Verband at the "non-active" level.  

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