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The stallions have passed through an approvals process to ensure that they meet the breeding standard of the Holsteiner Verband.  


A stallion is eligible for presentation for the studbook if he is at least three years of age, stands a minimum of 16.0 hands, and holds full registration papers from the AHHA or the German Holsteiner Verband.


Pedigree restrictions in place since 2010 require him to have an AHHA or Holsteiner Verband dam whose own mother also holds AHHA or HV papers.  



There are various exceptions available for otherwise uneligible stallions who may have accomplished an outstanding sport record, for example, or who may have valuable outcross pedigrees that are of interest to the AHHA.  To be certain, stallion owners who have interest in presenting stallions that fall outside of the normal eligibility rules should contact the office to get a ruling.  



Stallions are presented in hand on hard ground and on the triangle, as well as at liberty.  They are free jumped to evaulate scope, technique and willingness, and submit to a simple riding test to determine rideability and further evaluate gaits.  


For expanded description of the approvals process, please refer to the Approvals Booklet on the Forms page or contact the office.   

Annual Activation

Upon approval for breeding, a stallion must be annually activated with the AHHA in order to produce eligible offspring.  If an owner chooses not to activate his stallion in a given year, he can do so without penalty in subsequent years. 


Using Frozen Semen

The AHHA allows for the use of imported frozen semen from approved stallions.  

Such stallions are those who have received breeding approvals from the Holsteiner Verband, or any non-studbook stallion to which the AHHA has granted a special breeding permit.  


Frozen semen from domestically based stallions who are now deceased and inactive with the AHHA is also allowed.


Foals produced using foreign frozen semen or domestic frozen semen from non-active stallions will pay a small fee in addition to the regular registration fee.   


Stallion Service Report

A list of mares bred, also known as a Stallion Service Report, must be submitted to the AHHA office at the conclusion of each breeding season that the stallion is active within the Studbook.  This list must include all mares bred, regardless if the mare is known to be in foal or not.



Imported HV approved Stallions

Stallions imported to North America that have succesfully been approved and bonited by the Holsteiner Verband and which have completed their Stallion Testing with satisfactory scores are eligible for a Permanent Breeding License with the AHHA. Owners of these stallions need to contact the AHHA office to complete paperwork and finalize the dual registration process.  




The Holsteiner Verband now requires WFFS carrier testing on all actively breeding stallions.  Click here to learn more about the steps to take.



For those stallion owners who choose to send their stallion to a testing location, the AHHA currently recognizes the three day stallion testing organized by the AHS and OHBS.  This testing is only for 4, 5, and 6- Year Old stallions which are already prepared and can attend the testing with their own rider.  Further, this format requires the stallion to attend the testing in two consecutive years in order to complete


the requirement.  More information on the structure and format of this testing can be found at the website below or by contacting the number listed.  However, owners of Holsteiner stallions must contact the AHHA office to first determine their stallion's pedigree eligibility prior to entering the test.  

North American Stallion Test


All approved stallions must complete performance requirements in order to maintain a permanent breeding license. These requirements may be met either by successful completion of a recognized stallion testing, or through achievement in sport.  When using the sport option, the stallion owner may obtain the current requirements within a discipline by contacting the office.  


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